Community Content Team

With the recent decline in Qld melee attendance many of us are keen to shake things up and begin to grow the community again.

I’m looking to start a small team of content creators to make awesome shit for the local melee scene.

I’ve got some ideas to help us grow the community and introduce more people to the awesome Qld Melee scene and get them addicted to this amazing game. But I need help and can’t do this alone.

Let me explain my thoughts and then lay out my ideas/plan.

I believe there are 3 aspects that make a thriving community

1. Great events

We now have Upsmash Brisbane and Downsmash Gold Coast weeklies which I think everyone would agree are pretty great events. Hopefully with a little bit of effort they will just continue to get bigger and better.

We also have the UQ monthly on the last weekend of each month as well as one major tournament a year rounding out our list of events.

So I believe we are pretty good in the events area at the moment. There is always improvement to be made to make the events even better so that should continue to be a focus.

2. Healthy community

I fucking love the people in our community and seeing the way people are so welcoming to new players is epic. Watching Doziam, who only started playing a couple of months ago, teaching new guys about L-cancelling…that shit’s golden.

The Qld Smash discord is a great place for people to talk and new players to meet people and everyone is generally super friendly at events.

Honestly I think we have a very healthy community.

3. New player outreach

This one’s harder because new people rarely come from relationships with existing players.

They are people like me who watched the doco and googled Queensland Melee. Or people like Whatlez who found the discord link through the FD2 event page on and was then told to come to events.

Or people like Scared who are talking about smash with their friends at uni and some random dude yells out “Did you say smash?! You should come to Downsmash” and then that dude proceeds to not even come to the event himself.

This makes player outreach harder because we don’t already know or have connections with the future melee players.

This is where the community content initiative comes in.

How Easy Is It To Find Our Scene?

There are literally thousands of Aussies every month searching something a related to “smash bros tournaments near me” or “local melee tournaments” or “Scared’s man bun progress pics”.

Ok maybe not the last one but definitely the first 2.

Each of these phrases has 10-100 Australian searches per month. But what it doesn’t show you is the hundreds of people typing something similar to these phrases but not exactly these phrases. So, we really are looking at thousands of people every month looking for smash tournaments.

These are people actively looking to join our scene.

And what do they get if they search something like “local smash bros tournaments”?

Jack shit! The closest thing to a local tournament is a NSW forum post on Qld Smash from 2015.

So currently if someone types “Local smash bros tournaments” the chance of them actually finding a melee tournament near them and becoming a part of the scene is slim to none.

People have to work really hard to find our scene. The people that do find it are either really lucky or really really keen.

Lets face it, many of the people searching this could use the friendship and experiences that come from playing melee. These nerds need friends and we are the perfect people for them.

The Solution

My proposed solution is to write articles on specifically written for these searchers.

We’ll have an article titled “Local Smash Bros Tournaments in Australia” as well as another titled “Australian SSBM Tournaments Near You”.

The articles don’t have to be flashy and they don’t have to be up to date with the latest tournament for every state. They just need to talk about the Australian melee community, what our tournaments are like and how they are welcoming to new people plus instructions and links for how to find tournaments in each of the states.

Links to QldSmash events page, Facebook groups and discords.

This stuff is pretty easy to write and it’ll be SUPER easy to get ranked in Google for these search phrases.

Then when people type in a search they’ll go to one of our articles and receive simple instructions on the next steps they need to take to find their local tournaments.

It goes from being really hard to find local tournaments to pretty straightforward.

That’s the foundation of our outreach and something we can all do.

Content For The Community

Another thing we lack as a scene is local community content. Having local content that people can read/watch when bored helps people to be continually connected with the scene as well as hype future events and maybe even develop storylines worth following.

Ideas for community content includes:

  • Combo videos taken from stream footage
  • Interviews with players at tournaments
  • IRL funny/random tournament vlogs
  • Training videos from locals
  • New player profiles (like a Q&A introducing new players)

These are just the ones I came up with in my head last night when I couldn’t sleep.

Become A Part Of The Team

I’m looking to build a team of approximately 2-5 people to get the ball rolling. Rather than open invite to the community we will be a small group who will work together to create good content for our community.

Most likely our first videos and articles will be shit, but we’ll keep working and improving and getting better until eventually all the other states are jealous of what Queensland Melee has with

If you think you’d like to be a part of this team and can commit to a minimum of 1 piece of content per month then shoot me a message on Facebook messenger and we’ll talk about it. if you don’t already have me as a friend.

ps. It’s pretty obvious but this will be unpaid work and done for the love of the game as well as the fun of making some good stuff.