Good Games Brisbane

74 Little Edward St, Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia

Sunday: A Downsmash Event – 25th March 2018

Introducing SUNDAY. A one-off Downsmash event held on, you guessed it Saturday. No obviously I’m joking it’s on Sunday you idiot. Sunday 25th March 2018 to be exact.

This will have the chilled vibes and quality melee of the Downsmash weeklies but will kick things up a notch with payouts for Top 8 singles, Top 4 Doubles and Top 1 Amateur Bracket.

Brackets will run with the speed and grace of a gazelle as I want to give ample time for friendlies, sweet sweet hangs, gaytime/maxibon moments and pizza.

Cost: $10 venue fee, $5 singles entry, $5 doubles entry – all payable to Maca on the day in cash.

If you bring coins I will except them, but I will berate you for it. Unless it’s bitcoin, then I’ll love you for it.


Doors open + setup + friendlies: 10am
Doubles bracket starts: 11:00am-1:00pm (Double points for Road to BAM)
Lunch: 1pm
Singles: 2pm-5pm
Doors close: 6pm

Note: As per all Maca run events. Brackets will start on time or early. As of 10 minutes before bracket you are officially late. If you are running late and still wish to be entered into bracket you must facebook messenger me or text me on 0413 244 933.

Payouts for Top 8 singles, Top 4 doubles and Top 1 Amateur will only occur if we have a minimum of 16 entrants. If we have 15 or less entrants then payouts will be Top 3 for singles and doubles and Top 1 Amateurs.

We do not need to pay at the door as per usual. All venue fees and bracket entry fees will be paid to Maca.

And don’t forget, have a fucking awesome time. This will likely be the best event all year and may not be repeated.

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