Competitive Super Smash Bros Melee: Getting Started Guide

So you want to get involved in playing Super Smash Bros Melee competitively?

In this getting started guide I’ll talk through everything you need to get set up and start playing competitively. While this guide applies to anyone looking to get started I will talk specifically about local Queensland tournaments at the end.

Step #1: Buy A Controller

Whenever you attend a local tournament you need to have your own gamecube controller. This is something everyone has to bring, so this is your #1 priority.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, buy a cheap no name brand controller. Only buy controllers made by Nintendo, they are the best, and if you’re going to play melee competitive you need a good controller.

Don’t buy a cheap one and don’t buy a Wavebird. Chorded Nintendo controllers only.

You can buy them off Ebay or Amazon if you’re in a country that has Amazon.

If you’re not sure here’s a list of every gamecube controller ever made.

My personal favourites are the JP Whites. White controllers with “Nintendo Gamecube” on the front and the 3m chord.

Other people prefer the original ones that come in multiple colours with the Nintendo Gamecube logo on the front. Fewer competitive players opt for the newer ones with the Smash4 logo on the front.

You should expect to spend about $50+ on a genuine controller.

Step #2: Get A Home Setup

Having a setup that you can play at home is key to improving as a player. There are 2 ways to do this, on your computer or on a Nintendo Wii (not Gamecube, will explain later).

So lets look at each of them

On Your Computer

I would advise people get setup to play on their PC first and then get a Wii second.

While a Wii + CRT is better, getting setup on a PC is easier and it also means you can start netplaying (more on that later) straight away which can be way more engaging for new players.

To get setup on your computer you need

HARDWARE – Gamecube > USB Adapter

While the WiiU ones are the best they are now near impossible to find for a good price.

The next best thing is a Mayflash adapter. Just search “Mayflash Gamecube Adapter” on Ebay or Amazon and buy the one with 4 ports. This will set you back around $30

SOFTWARE – Dolphin

Dolphin is the name of the gamecube emulator we use. The most recent version is constantly changing.

The current version works on Windows and Mac, not sure about Linux.

To get the most current version for melee players click the Anther’s Ladder link below and then click Super Smash Bros Melee to get instructions.

Click Here For Anther’s Ladder Guide

GAMES – NTSC v1.02 + 20XX v4.07

Next step is to download Super Smash bros Melee to play on your Dolphin emulator.

I can’t link directly to these files but you’ll want to search out “Super Smash Bros Melee NTSC 1.02 ISO” to get the original version.

You’ll also want to search out “20xx 4.07 iso” to get the training pack for solo practice.

Alternatively ask a local smasher and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

On a Wii


Local Tournaments

If you’re keen to play Melee competitively then you should attend a local tournament as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you get better to attend as you’ll still be terrible compared to your local competition.

In the early stages (and even in the later stages) competing at tournaments and meeting and conversing with other players will speed up your improvement drastically!

To find your local tournaments you’ll want to search Facebook or try to find a local Discord.

For Australia and Queensland here are the two discord links:

Queensland Smash Discord Link:

Australian Smash Discord Link:

For Australia here are the Facebook group links:

Queensland –


Victoria –

South Australia –

Western Australia –

Tasmania –

Canberra/ACT –

Northern Territory –