Downsmash Summit Schedule


3pm – Arrive + Friendlies
5pm – Low Tier tournament up to top 8
7pm – Dinner (Pizza baby!)
8pm – Doubles
10pm – Mafia
Midnight – Sleepy byes


9am – Bad’s Beautiful Breakfast Buffet
11am – Low Tier tournament Top 8 + Ama
1pm – Lunch
3pm – Draft crew battle 8v8
4pm – Single elim bo1 randoms
5pm – Singles to top 8
7pm – Dinner (Mexican)
8pm – Singles Top 8 + Ama
10pm – Mystery game (if there is time)


10am – Checkout (hoping to get later checkout)
10-12 – Lunch in surfers
12pm – Migrate to GGs Southport for friendlies + special casual bracket
7pm – Singles starts at Downsmash

What is:

Low Tier Iron Man

You get 3 low tier characters of your choosing (From Ganondorf down). Works similar to a crew battle

If you win with 1 stock remaining you keep playing with that character but start the next game with just 1 stock.

Loser of the game gets to counterpick stage

BO1 Randoms

1 game, random character, random stage

You only get to random pick once, you can’t change it. Whoever the game decides you have to play as. No stage bans and tournament legal stages only.