Super Smash Bros Melee Tournaments Near Me (and Around Australia)

Looking for a super smash bros melee tournament near you? If so you’ve come to the right place.

In this article you’ll learn exactly how to get in touch with your local melee scene and thus get the details for any upcoming melee tournaments.

While events and dates are constantly changing the community of people who attend these events is pretty stable. Thus to find local super smash bros melee tournaments you’ll first need to find your local smash community.

Find Your Community, Find Your Melee Tournament

You’ll find that almost every major city in Australia has a SSBM community with melee tournaments being held anywhere from weekly to monthly.

Tournaments aren’t really announced in one single place and the way each community announces their tournaments can be different.

But generally speaking most upcoming melee tournaments near you can be found on your states smash facebook group. Even if they aren’t announced there you can usually join the group and ask about local events and someone will let you know what the deal is.

So that’s the best place to start.

Below are the links to each state’s Facebook group as of late 2017:

Queensland –


Victoria –

South Australia –

Western Australia –

Tasmania –

Canberra/ACT –

Northern Territory –

Find Your Community On Discord

The Facebook groups, while fairly good for tournament announcements, are generally ghost towns otherwise.

Most Aussie melee players congregate instead on Discord, a chat app.

On discord you’ll find players talking about everything from their characters, to upcoming events to just random talk. It’s also the best and only place to find people to play online (netplay) with.

The best place to start is the Australian Smash discord which is by far the most active

Australian Smash Discord Link:

Occasionally each state will have their own chats inside Discord or other chat apps like Slack.

Queensland Smash Discord Link:

As I’m a Queensland smash player I am not a part of other states discords and thus don’t have the links sorry. But you could easily ask on Australia Smash Discord

Other Places To Find Super Smash Bros Melee Tournaments Near You (despite it’s name) is the central hub for all Australian smash tournaments – this includes Melee, Smash4, PM and Smash64.

On the home page you can see a list of all upcoming tournaments. Unfortunately as I write this it’s really only Queensland and NSW, as well as major national tournaments, that announce their tournaments on this website.

Smashboards – A relic of days of old Smashboards is sadly no longer used by the Australian Melee community. Or if it is used it is only used by a tiny few and maybe for announcements.