Upsmash 2nd November 2017 Results

I fucking love Upsmash what can I say?

26 entrants into singles and 9 doubles teams for a weekly tournament has been unheard of recently in Queensland.

Loads of community setups plus Kami and the boys brought a few so we had ample space for bracket + friendlies.

Stream was completely set up and cranking with good internet and an open mic which was a lot of fun. We had some new players, we had some Germans and we had some upsets. What more can you want from a tournament?

Highlight of the night would have to be Blasko’s win over XP2000 which saw a crowd of about 7-8 people watching that set. We also saw Auro come within a single stock of beating Kami in a best of 5 only to have Kami clutch it out at the end. Auro then went on to lose to Thriles in a close 2-1 set.

I think moving forward these hype sets will definitely need to go on stream. Let’s stream the matches people want to see, rather than just stick to the standard winner’s finals gets stream by default. #sorrynotsorry

Tonight also featured the first IRL vlog which I’ll try to do each week moving forward.

Next week will be a casual night. A free casual bracket will be run but most of the night will be dedicated to friendlies. The 16th of November will then be a paid tournament with a teams bracket (not sure if paid or unpaid at this stage).


Main Bracket

Amateur Bracket

Doubles Bracket

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